Top 5 Tips for Being a Productive Club Owner

Everyone knows the feeling, you start the day with great intentions to get loads done, then boom! Your phone starts ringing, you get distracted by low-priority tasks and start procrastinating. Suddenly it’s 5.00pm, nightmare! So how can you regain control of your time? As it happens, a few changes can make a huge difference in your productivity.

1. Learn to prioritise tasks and set attainable goals

Once you’ve grabbed your morning coffee, begin by writing down your daily goals and what you want to get accomplished for the day, whether that be replying to enquiries from parents or figuring out your next lesson plan. This  allows you to track your progress and stay on target. Prioritising these tasks lets you focus on one thing at a time, rather than being overwhelmed with unsorted ideas or running from one task to another trying to figure out how to allocate your time.

2. Tackle the hardest tasks when you are most productive

You have your to-do list and goals set out for the day, but the hardest question is where to begin? Everyone has a specific time of day when they tend to get an extra boost of energy, focus and creativity. For some, that time comes in the morning, for others, it might be after eating or even in the middle of the night!

Once you’ve identified when you are the most productive, tackle the hardest challenges first. Get them out of the way! This means the rest of the day will seem more manageable. Just think how easy your afternoon will be after those miserable tasks aren’t looming over you.

3. Automate tasks

Using a class management system, such as Bodillo can be a game changer! If you find yourself repeating the same manual tasks over and over again, like chasing invoices and payments, booking in new customers or generating registers, automation is a sure way to save you time and take things off your plate, helping you to focus on the important stuff and take a much needed break from your admin.

4. Stop multitasking

People often believe that they are more efficient when multitasking, but studies show we are actually less efficient as the brain has trouble juggling unrelated tasks. Additionally, when multitasking you’re never fully focused on one project, increasing the risk of errors and time it takes to complete them.

4. Take breaks

We’ve all done it, skipped lunch to try and cram as much work in as possible. We think we are being more productive, but it can actually hinder us in several ways. Research shows that the human brain’s attentional resources drop after a long period of focusing on a single task, decreasing our ability to focus, negatively affecting performance. Taking breaks gives your brain a few moments to wander, which is crucial for problem solving and boosts creativity. Implementing a schedule of regular breaks will also give you a series of mini deadlines to work towards, motivating you to finish a task more quickly. If you can include a healthy snack/meal and a brisk 10 minute walk into your breaks, you will see a noticeable improvement in heart function, mental power and emotional outlook.

With these productivity tips, we know you’ll be able to grow your business and focus on what’s important in life. Remember, every minute you save, is a minute gained!

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