Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Join a Sports Club

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1. Developing self-esteem

There are several studies that suggest taking part in a sport can help the development of a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Positively interacting with other children or receiving words of praise and encouragement from a coach can really boost their confidence. It also helps them to build on their own abilities and set goals for themselves. Be sure to remember that self-esteem should not be based on winning or losing. Constructive criticism should be a tool used to help children accept their weaknesses and help them grow.

2. Promoting an active lifestyle

Studies show kids need to be active for at least 60 minutes a day. Playing sports  has so many benefits. Children will sleep better, maintain a healthy weight, improve attention levels and performance at school, help fight depression and anxiety and strengthen bones. Children who develop an active lifestyle early have a better chance of maintaining it in the long run.

3. Accept defeat at times

Just like in sports leagues, there will be scenarios where there is a winner and a loser in everyday life. As children grow, it’s important for them not to feel defeated when faced with a loss, but to accept it, learn from it and move forward. It’s all part of the process, they must be able to get back up and carry on. No one likes a sore loser after all. 

4. Time-management skills and discipline

Many sports require their team to maintain discipline, whether it be time management, mental, physical or tactical. There are rules to follow, instructions to take on board and accept decisions made by the coach. Good discipline is rewarded in sports, bad discipline however, is not.  Many children will apply this outlook in everyday life and set priorities without even realising they are doing it.

By listening to coaches and fellow team mates, children will learn essential life skills, helping them throughout their career and life.

5. There’s no I in team

Teamwork is an important life skill and vital to learn from an early age. It’s also an essential part of being in a sports team. Everyone is working to the same common goal and must strategise based on team members strengths and weaknesses. This helps develop communication skills, problem solving and instils a sense of community where everybody respects their teammates and coaches.

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