The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Website Conversions

Are you familiar with the term “analysis paralysis”? It’s the idea that too many choices can hinder a person’s decision making abilities. Visitors to your site can experience this too if overwhelmed with copy, or if the design is confusing. When this happens, potential customers will not convert and book your classes. It is therefore SO important to get this right. Let’s review how to increase your website’s conversion rate and get those bookings:

1. The 7 second test

You have 7 seconds to grab your potential customer’s attention and let them know what your business offers. They should be able to answer these 3 critical questions…fast.

  1. What does your club offer?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. What now? 

If a customer can clearly see what your club is about, what classes you offer and how to book and pay for them, your conversion rate will dramatically improve.

2. Simplify your customers experience

Don’t let your hard efforts go to waste by giving potential customers a reason to drop off. Remember that you always want potential customers to achieve something with every click through your website. If they get lost, they will give up and abandon what they were looking for. 

  • Minimise the number of clicks to checkout
  • Reduce the amount of scrolling a customer has to do to get to important information. As a rule, the most relevant content should be higher up the page.
  • Use catchy call-to-actions and really grab your customers attention. 
  • White space, also known as “negative space,” is key when creating a digestible website. A cluttered layout is the equivalent of white noise: nothing stands out. Without it, important information goes unnoticed and all elements smother each other. Consider increasing your line spacing, focus on visual hierarchy and reduce any unnecessary content. 

Website load speed. Studies show the quicker your website loads, the more likely a customer is to complete a purchase.

3. Build trust

When browsing for a kids class online, customers are more likely to trust reviews about your session than the actual description. Providing testimonials from past customers lets them know how great your sessions are and help ease any reservations they may have about booking. Whenever possible, include a photo of the person leaving the review, this helps drive home authenticity. 

Other ways of building trust include adding accreditation logos, relevant qualifications and safety certificates to your site.

4. Strengthen your copy

Try and make each of your headings a benefit to your customer. Let them know how your club can positively impact them or their child. E.g. Instead of saying ‘Book a karate class today’ try ‘Build your self-esteem and confidence today with Karate’. This type of language

4. Create urgency

Your potential customers may research and consider booking one of your classes or trials over several days, weeks, or even months before actually converting. Creating a sense of urgency helps to speed things up. It encourages people who are already considering booking to do so immediately before they miss out. 

There are many tactics you can use to create a sense of urgency:

  • Setting deadlines (sale end date)
  • Count down timers
  • Highlighting limited availability 
  • Showing real-time behaviour of other customers (booked 15 times in the last 6 hours)
  • Using time-related words to encourage a purchase (buy now, ends soon, hurry, last chance, don’t miss out etc).

5. Stay on top of your trial conversions

If you offer trials, make sure you don’t let anyone slip through the net. They could potentially be your repeat customers. We have created a Trial Conversions Checklist that you should check out to boost your conversion rates. Alternatively, if you want to save hours of admin and automate your trial conversions, get in touch with Bodillo today!

Get in touch today and see how Bodillo can revolutionise the way you work.