How to: Set up a Holiday Camp (Pay upfront)

Learn how to set up a pay upfront holiday camp using a date block in the Bodillo admin system.  

What is a date block?

It’s pretty simple really. Date blocks are pre defined ‘blocks’ of time you assign sessions to. 

Walk through:

  1. DATES:

If you have already completed onboarding, navigate to the ‘Dates’ in the side menu, then create new. 

Here, you’ll be able to create your date blocks.

Step 1: Details: First, choose an appropriate name. e.g. Holiday Camp.

Next, you have to choose whether this is an active date block or not. If it is active, it will display in your booking timetable and on the Bodillo app (coming soon). 

Then, you must decide if you want the date block to automatically roll over or not. If you toggle this on, it means this date block will automatically run on to the next one (or one of your choosing).  In this case, we do not want the date block to roll over as we want this to be a stand alone event. 

Step 2: Start / end date: Define the start date and end date of your block.

Step 3: Set exclusion dates: Define your exclusion dates that you don’t want the sessions to run on.

Congratulations, you’ve created your summer camp date block


Next, we are going to head over to ‘Payments & Billing’. Then, ‘Payment Collection’. From here, click the ‘create new’ button. 

Step 1: Choose ‘Up Front’. Your customers will pay for the entire camp in one go.

Step 2: Payment details: Give your payment collection a reference so you and your customers will know what its for.

Set the price per session or day. Remember, the price you set will be multiplied by the amount of days within the camp. 

Then, define your cancelation period if you want one.

Great! You have now set up your date block and your payment method.


Next, let’s assign a session to your Holiday camp date block. 

Head over to Programme > sessions. Create new session. 

Step 1: Session details: Fill out the data about your session. 

Please note: if you are running a pay upfront camp, the capacity you input is for the entire camp, not each day. E.g. if you set the camp capacity to 50, 50 students will be able to book in total, not 50 per day.

Step 2: Trial details: Decide if you want to run trials or not.

Step 3: Weekly plan: Here, you are given the option to ‘automatically roll over’ a session. If you toggle this on, you are allowing the session to roll on though the date blocks. In this case, we do not want to toggle this on because we want the session to only run in the ‘Holiday Camp’ date block. 

Next, select the days the camp will run on. (Remember, this is the amount of days your payment will be multiplied by). 

Assign the holiday camp date block using the dropdown. 

Fill out the remainder of your details. 

Step 4: Payment collection: Here, we will assign the ‘payment collection’ method you created earlier on. Click ‘Pay upfront’.

Then, select the appropriate session charge (remember this is going to be multiplied by the amount of days you selected in the weekly plan). 

And that’s it! That’s how you set up a holiday camp!