How to: Set up a Customer Loyalty Discount

Find out how to set up a customer loyalty discount using the ‘multi-session discount’ functionality in the Bodillo system. 


When you want to create or manage a discount, you should head over to the ‘Payments & Billing’ section in the side nav, then select ‘Discounts’.

Here, you’ll have the option to amend an existing discount, or create a new one. 

Step 1: Click the ‘Create New’ button. 

Step 2: Select ‘multi-session discount’. This option will automatically apply a discount to any of your parents that have booked and paid for multiple sessions.  

Step 3 – discount type: You have the option to choose if you want this discount to be a fixed amount (take a set amount of money off the total of the payment due). Or, a percentage discount (deduct a percentage off the total amount due). 

In this example, we will choose ‘fixed’. 

Step 4- discount details: Fill in the details about your discount. 

Name: choose something relevant so you and your customers know what the discount refers to. 
Sessions needed to qualify: The number of sessions on the account concurrently in order needed to qualify for the discount. 
Discount value: The amount you want to take off the total cost. 

Then click the ‘save’ button. 

And that’s it! Repeat this process to set up more multi-session discounts. Your customers will be overjoyed to see their loyalty is rewarded with multi-session discounts!