How to: Reassign a Payment Method to a Session

In this article,  I’ll show you how to change a session’s payment method using the Bodillo System. 

If you are currently running classes with a specific payment type (subscription / pay upfront or PAYG) and you are wanting to switch over to another one, you’ll have to create a new payment method and then create new sessions to assign the payment method to. It’s up to you if you wish to deactivate the old sessions or not. Follow the steps below:


  1. Payments & Billing:

Create your new payment method by going to the ‘Payments & Billing’ section in the side nav, then select ‘Payment Methods’.

Step 1: Choose which payment method you wish to create. 

Step 2: Payment details: Choose a payment reference for this collection which will make it easily identifiable to yourself and your customers. Then enter the amount that you charge per session or per day. The system will then calculate the amount that session will cost based on the number of times that session will occur during the date block. 

Next, you can decide whether or not you want to add a cancelation period. If you toggle it on, people will be allowed to cancel their bookings. Be sure to define the number of days your cancellation period will run for.

Once that’s done, click on ‘Save’. Great! You’ve just set up a ‘Pay Upfront’ payment collection, next we need to assign it to a session. 

2. Sessions:

Head over to Programme > sessions. ‘Create new’ session. 

Step 1: Session details: Fill out the data about your session. 

Step 2: Trial details: Decide if you want to run trials or not.

Step 3: Weekly plan:  Fill out the details about your session.. 

Step 4: Payment collection: Here, we will assign the ‘payment collection’ method you created earlier on. Then, select the appropriate session charge.

And that’s it! It’s up to you whether you want to deactivate your old sessions using the previous payment collection method.