How to: Process a Refund

Find out how to process a refund for your account holders using the Bodillo system. 


Step 1: Head over to ‘Payments & Billing’ in the side nav, then select ‘Transaction history’.

You’ll see a detailed view of all the transactions your club has made. Here, not only can you search for an account holder, but you can also filter by session, payment type and status, as well as sorting the data by newest, oldest, alphabetical, or high / low.  

Status cheatsheet:
Settled – paid 
Outstanding – not paid
Transferred – paid (funds are being processed)
Customer cancelled – payment cancelled by account holder
Cancelled – payment cancelled by club owner
Refunded refunded by club owner
Failed payments – expired cards etc  

Step 2:  Locate the account holder you wish to create a refund for. Click the ‘refund’ button. 

Step 3: You’ll see a popup appear. Enter the amount you wish to refund. This can be the full amount (displayed as ‘refundable amount’), or a partial refund. 

Please note: you will only be able to refund a customer if you have enough funds in your Stripe account. This can be viewed at the top of the page (next to the heading ‘Transaction History’. OR in the refund popup: ‘Stripe balance). 

That’s it! That’s how you make a refund using the Bodillo admin system. Please allow 5-10 business days for the refund to process.