Feature: Automatically Chase Payments

Bodillo automatically chases late payments for you with a series of automated reminder emails. Because we know how important it is to get paid on time!


The system takes payments when booking, which helps ensure all customers attending their sessions have pre-paid for them in advance. However, there are some that slip through the net and turn up unannounced. To avoid payments going amiss, we have implemented some additional precautions:

  • Invite participant to session: Wanting to send out class invites for the new term, but worried parents won’t pay in time? Fear no more! After inviting a participant to a session, they are given three days to book onto the class. If they do not respond, they’ll receive a ‘session invite: payment due’ reminder. This is then resent every 3 days. This is to ensure customers that attend sessions are paying for them.
  • Failed payments: Nudge emails are sent twice a week until the the customer updates their card details and settles the amount owed. You, the club owner are also notify when this is done.
  • Keep your spot: Are you running classes on a termly or half termly basis that are paid for upfront? Do you want your customers to roll over to the new term? In the past, this may cause late payments to occur, causing you a headache. Bodillo has the solution! Customers will receive an email 1 month before the end of term asking if they would like to keep their spot. They will have two weeks to respond (with a series of nudge emails). If they wish to keep their spot they must book and pay upfront for it. If the nudge emails go unanswered, you will be prompted to remove them from the session if you wish.