4 Signs You’re Long Overdue a Club Management System

Owning a club can be so rewarding, but your enjoyment level and prosperity is greatly affected by the systems you put in place. If you aren’t currently using a club management system you could be missing out on major opportunities. Here are just a few signs you may be in desperate need of one:

1. You’re relying on outdated methods & tech

Feeling frustrated by your current process and/or software? There are several reasons using manual systems or outdated software can negatively affect your business: 

  • High likelihood of errors: Keeping track of customers through a manually entered spreadsheet or physical book can leave a lot of room for errors. 
  • Reduction in productivity: New technology can make your life easier due to the automation capabilities. This allows you to sit back while the system handles your repetitive tasks.
  • Higher costs: Maintaining legacy technology or software can be expensive when trying to patch fixes or shoehorn custom functionality in to make the running of your club easier.  
  • Security issues: Outdated technology is more susceptible to security breaches, and when you’re dealing with children’s data that can be extremely dangerous. 
  • Environmental impact: We should all try and reduce our environmental footprint where possible. Cutting out paper based processes will not make your club more sustainable, but save you money in the process! 

2. You’re worried about how you’ll manage growth

Worried you’re not allocating enough of your time to growing your business? Your main focus shouldn’t be handling day to day administration or customer service, it should be big picture stuff. If you are unable to deal with growing demand due to admin bottlenecks, then it’s time to automate some of your processes using a club management system.  This will allow you to focus on your growth and hit your goals without being held back.

3. Your customer service is taking a hit

Are you drowning in enquiries and chasing payments over the phone? If your club is relying on outdated technology, then you are at serious risk of affecting your club’s reputation. Customers expect smooth booking processes, fast website speeds and attentive customer service. If their needs are not met due to human error or technical issues (common with legacy systems) this can cause damage. Remember, negative experiences leave a lasting impression which could lead to a decrease in bookings and revenue.

4. Managing your clubs day-to-day admin is taking over your free time

Is working late becoming the norm? As a club owner, it’s easy to blur the lines between the end of the working day and the start of personal time, especially when you are drowning in admin tasks! There are numerous studies outlining how overworking can lead to health problems and how it can also negatively impact your business. Automation is the key to resolving this and  is one of the fastest ways to free up your time and resources – helping you to focus on the important stuff.

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