Using The Bodillo System

  • Can my staff access the system?

    Yes, you can add as many system administrators and/or instructors as you like for no additional cost. Additionally, you can toggle viewing permissions that limit viewing access to specific registers and emergency contact details.

  • How do I get paid?

    Once you’ve set up your Stripe account then payments for all sessions will be taken automatically. A small payment processing fee is deducted from the payment made before the money is transferred into your Stripe account. You’ll be able to view all payments in the Transaction History section.

  • What happens if a participant hasn’t paid?

    The Bodillo system will flag up any outstanding payments to you on your dashboard and you can check them out in more detail in your transaction history. Automatic reminders will be sent to parents/carers and you will also be able to follow up directly with them.

  • Can I use recurring billing?

    Yes! Using the subscription payment method allows you to collect rolling monthly payments, without the need for parents to reauthenticate their transactions.

  • Can parents still pay via direct debit?

    Yes! Using the subscription payment method allows you to collect rolling monthly payments, without the need for parents to reauthenticate their transactions.

  • Does the system work for pay-as-you-go sessions?

    Yes. With the Bodillo system you can select PAYG, pay upfront or subscription payments making us one of the most flexible class booking systems on the market.

  • How do I process a refund?

    You can process refunds quickly and easily from your transaction history view. In just a few clicks you are able to define the amount you want to refund.
    Please note: Refunds can take approximately 5-10 business days

  • What are the payment status’s in the transaction history?

    Settled – paid
    Outstanding – not paid
    Transferred – paid (funds are being processed)
    Customer cancelled – payment cancelled by account holder
    Cancelled – payment cancelled by club owner
    Refunded – refunded by club owner
    Failed payments – expired cards etc

  • Can parents pay with childcare vouchers?

    Yes, customers will receive a 100% discount and you will be notified so you can sort the rest.

  • Can I add mandatory fees?

    Absolutely! You can offer one-off fees that the participant will pay one time only. Or recurring fees that the participant will have to pay either yearly or every new term.

  • Will a customer have to pay the mandatory one-off fee more than once if they change sessions?

    No, one-off fees are only applicable once per participant, per club.

  • What discounts can I offer?

    Multi-session discounts can be applied to participants under the same account. Or you have the option to create your own manual discount code.

  • Can I send a one-off discount code to a group of people?

    Yes, you can set up a one-off discount code that can be sent to one or more people.

  • How do the auto-generated registers work?

    Registers are created 24h in advance before the session starts, and will be archived at midnight after the session ends. You will still be able to view the register by going to ‘archived registers’.

  • Can I roll a term over and auto enrol participants easily?

    Yes. You can set sessions up to automatically roll over, so there’s no need to set them up again and again.
    If participants are paying monthly, they will be billed automatically without the need for to reauthenticating their payment details.
    When using the pay upfront method, you can set terms to automatically roll sessions over. The participants places are automatically reserved for the following term. Two weeks before the end of the current term, parents are emailed as to whether they would like to rebook for the next term. If not, you have a full week to find new customers.

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